Start with your data

Axway can simplify how you leverage your existing data and processes to innovate and scale your offerings through new applications and better healthcare experiences. Let us show you how to break your data out of silos and make it more accessible and usable.

Better collaboration leads to better patient outcomes

Leverage secure private/hybrid cloud solutions from Axway to speed the sharing of clinical trial data for better patient outcomes.

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Find out how Axway is using the AWS cloud to drive better outcomes in Healthcare

Driving Collaboration and Interoperability within Healthcare for better Patient Outcomes

Security and compliance

Accelerate Meaningful Use, HIPAA and other data security regulation compliance. Facilitate controlled, compliant access to patient health information to improve care coordination. At the same time, protect your healthcare IT systems from data breaches. With a 62% increase in data breaches YoY, data security is essential.

Achieve greater operational efficiency

  • Faster, paperless controlled substance ordering and compliance
  • Quickly process DEA audit requests
  • End-to-end data exchange monitoring with traceability
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