API-rich. Innovation-ready.

Secure file transfers are at the core of every enterprise. Whether it's finance, retail, government, or healthcare, every industry needs to move files securely and efficiently to drive the business forward.


AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer provides a centralized, secure way to transfer and exchange files internally and externally with total end-to-end visibility. Part of Axway's AMPLIFY platform, Managed File Transfer is API-enabled, giving self-service functionality to line-of-business power users, while IT retains full control over security and regulatory compliance. What's more, partner on-boarding is quicker, streamlining collaboration and accelerating innovation and growth.


IDC Technology Spotlight: “The Future of Data Exchange”

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Enhanced experience

Providing seamless, exceptional experience is top of mind for every organization across their digital ecosystem.

  • Enable seamless self-service for business users and seamless onboarding for partners
  • Integrate with key applications and solutions out-of-the-box to meet your organization's unique requirements
  • Open APIs to extend functionality and integrate with IT Service Management applications and create custom applications
Security and governance

Ensure regulatory requirements and service level agreements are met while adhering to the security policies of the organization.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility across all transfers
  • Integrated monitoring and alerts for real-time issue resolution
  • Audit and archive file transfer activity to meet reporting and auditing needs

Increase volume of data, better customer experiences and new business models. We provide the technology to help you get there.

  • Highly scalable and resilient infrastructure to ensure your business keeps running smoothly
  • Simplified containerized deployment for seamless upgrades
  • Support for a wide range of modern platforms, protocols, infrastructure and cloud providers
Deployment choice

Choose where and how you want to deploy based on your business and IT requirements.

  • Customers can install on-premises, cloud or hybrid model
  • Move to Axway Managed Cloud Services where you get the power of a cloud platform and knowledge and expertise of a world class team

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer is a foundational part of the IT infrastructure for thousands of companies across a wide variety of industries and geographies

Webinar: Rethinking Managed File Transfer Solutions

Why MFT is a Transformative Technology

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer addresses all of your organization’s file transfer needs.

A secure, flexible MFT gateway to securely manage file transfers with external parties.

Build critical, high-volume data flows across multi-site enterprise and platforms.

Govern the full lifecycle of all data flows for ultimate business performance.

Ready-to-use analytics capabilities for AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer.

Modernize your infrastructure and transition from XFB Gateway or InterPel to AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer

"Financial services organizations are in a somewhat unique position when it comes to MFT, as we need to integrate with the kinds of legacy systems that are still common throughout the industry as well as the bleeding-edge web services platforms that predominate among nimble fintechs. One of the key reasons that BECU chose Axway SecureTransport is the flexibility it gives us. We can support practically any connection type on a single, central platform with relatively little manual configuration work." -- Bobby Hilgert, Senior Tech Analyst, BECU

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